We develop active lifestyles & adventurous spirits through fitness and accessible coaching. We see the future of our active community as a group of dedicated and diverse people striving to be present as the best version of themselves. To accomplish this, we courage engagement, service, knowledge sharing, consistency, and discipline.


You cannot fake the hard work necessary to succeed. Disrupting balance is sometimes needed to help reveal priorities & desires while testing our ability to operate in unknown conditions.

We coach and train for all distances and goals. Fitness, 5k, 10k, 1/2, full, and ultra-distances from 50k to 100 miles.

Diversity in training over complexity. We focus our efforts on doing the basic things really well while adding workouts and routines to improve our overall.

The training cycle is designed using a 3 -1 cycle. 3 weeks intensity and volume, 1-week recovery where the workload is a bit lighter. With races and other challenges, the schedule is adjusted.

Condors hosts Group Runs on weekends in Southern California. This is how the group gets closer, how you get 1-1 coaching and be a part of running clinics. Please check the Calendar tab for updated Group Run information.

Training is for you to follow on your own. Often there are lots of people who can run during the week, and on weekends at different times. Including your coaches. So feel free to ask!


How does our process work?

Empathize & seek to understand you as an individual
Define what success looks like
Create your training plan
Take actions based on your training cycles
Review feedback & progress.


Sean Finegan

Sean Finegan

Endurance Training Coach

From early youth sports, through my time in the Marine Corps, and now as an ultra-runner & coach, being active continues to be an important part of my life. I have been coaching runners in a variety of distances & disciplines since 2015. In 2019 the Condors was formed to build a community of active-minded people willing to take a chance on themselves and pursue goals that may have appeared to be out of reach at one point. In that time I’ve been blessed to work with youth who have gone to the USATF Junior Olympics, to adults completing their first ultramarathons.

The trail and ultra-running community has provided a platform to share my love of coaching and running, while constantly learning to serve others better, be more present and to expand my knowledge of the sport. As a coach I create programs that are individualized for each client - respecting the capabilities, goals, barriers & needs of each person, and leading them to meet the demands of performance activities.

To date I’ve completed dozens of trail ultras, including six successful 100 milers.

Lizanea Tsuang

Personal Training Coach

I was born in Mexico D.F. My family immigrated from Mexico when I was 9 years old, both parents have always been involved in sports from soccer and dad being a runner himself. I started running in High School for Track and Field and Cross Country, after graduation I continue running and I develop a passion for weight lifting after a few years I started training with my sister and a few of her friends, watching their own transformation and seeing how happy they were, made me realize this is what I wanted to do, I got my certificate and ever since then, I being a trainer for 18 yrs.

After 2 years of getting my certificate, I wanted to expand my learning I reach out to a good friend who at the time was a Fitness Instructor she help me, and a year after I got my certificate I began teaching Bootcamp, Circuit Training, Cardio, Shadow Boxing, HITT and Obstacle Training while still maintaining my running.

I completed 3 LA Marathons after my last one I transition my self from road runner to trail runner, since then I have run 50k 75k, and 100k, and recently attempted my 1st 100 miler.

Lizanea Tsuang


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